How long will it take to process my order?

Estimated delivery time is 10 to 21 days. Within 24 hours of your order being shipped, you will receive an e-mail that contains the carrier tracking number (when available) for your order.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we do ship worldwide. There is a flat worldwide shipping rate for each item (depending on weight & size).

What do I need to checkout via PayPal and/or open a free PayPal account?

There is no special license or requirements to send/receive money through Paypal. All you need to open a free account and pay via PayPal is a valid email address and a valid credit card.

Why should I buy via Paypal?

PayPal is an eBay owned company. The advantage of using PayPal, as a customer, is that the merchant never gets to see any of your financial information.

How long does it take for back ordered items to get sent?

Items that are unavailable will be placed on back order. Please check our web site for the back ordered item's estimated time of arrival. Please note that these dates are estimates and not guaranteed to arrive on that date.

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