Tailored Projects

Design services to private customers and companies, including:

*innovative concepts.
*consulting services. 
*production support. 
*product development and creative ideas.

Additionally, the studio designing “one off” projects, featured in exhibitions around the world.


A modern day interpretation concept, manufactured by IKEA, to the traditional Jewish object which is set on the side post of every Jewish home door - the "MEZUZAH". 


As IKEA declares of supplying whatever one need for his home, this product combines a must-have religious object and the IKEA aesthetics.


It will fit!
Inspired by the story of "Cinderella", the pillow pushed into the metal frame, and gives it a complete and unique look of a stool.

The pillow “pretending” that it’s the right one for the metal frame.




I wish R.I.P meant "return if possible"

R.I.P Yuval Eshel.
Still can't believe you're gone.


I Save a Furniture

Medals of Honor, made from used and thrown away furniture. 
For those who save furniture from the street.


A new concept version of the Mr. potato head original toy.

The design project deals with the issue of a soldier that is still a child.

his body, eyes and nose remain the same, whilst 7 new parts have 
been designed to transform Mr. potato head into a soldier

In collaboration with Objet Geometries (rapid prototyping).

Long Life Candle

Long candle for blowing in one breath.
This crazy candle has 120 wicks, which are burning at the same time.
If you Blow them all in one breath you will live until 120 years. 
Maybe... :)

Inspired by the “Long-life noodles” tradition in China.

This work is a part from the "Birthday" project.


Cake tray that reveals your future.
When the “birthday boy” picks his slice of the cake, his future will appear.


Inspired by the “Zhuazhou” custom from a child's first birthday in China.

This work is a part from the "Birthday" project.

Me and You Toaster 

Share your breakfast with nature!
The toaster is set on the windowsill and all the crumbs are shared with nature.

Confet U

Throwing confetti balls.
Throw confetti balls on your friend.


Inspired by “Birthday bumps” and other violent greetings.


This work is a part from the "Birthday" project.

Leaning Rocker

A leaning rocker for nervous people in waiting rooms.

Waiting at the airport, waiting at the doctor's room, waiting in line, wait for your turn...
Sometimes waiting makes us a bit edgy.
It's time to lean back and relax (:

The Leaning Rocker, with a simple and smart design, will allow you an easy rocking, to ease your stress away.


Made out of laminated wood and spring steel.


Floating candle.
For romantic and fun moments in your bath…


Ceramic Serving dishes. 
In shapes of hardware blisters packs.



A Paper toy inspired by Miran Nudel, who has a dangerous spider as a pet.

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